So called because it became sanctuary from the cold when the Frontiersmen first claimed it. Thus far it is the village furthest west from the inital landing points of the fleeing Halgardians, and is therefore important to both the new Calderan government as well as the Frontiersmen who have their main hall here.


1. Outer gate

Patrolled by two guards at all times. The gate is tall and strong. Coupled with the impressive outer wall, and it seems as though Winterhaven knew conflict in it’s day.

2. Wrafton’s Inn

The building is rustic, but welcoming. Like much of the town, it is in need of repair, but hasty jobs mean that it’s more or less inhabitable.

The inside consists of a large space with a mostly earthen floor. Tables are spread evenly throughout the space, and the bar sits on a raised, wooden area at the back of the room.

3. The market square

It is overgrown and unused. There is very little to distinguish it from the rest of the ground, but it seems some attempt has been made to clear it.

4. Stable

There are quite a few fine horses here, and shining plates of horse armour gleam nearby.

5. Blacksmith

The blacksmith, as opposed to the rest of the town, looks in top order. It may just be the cleanest blacksmith you’ve ever seen, and all of the tools, anvils and furnaces look well tended and maintained.

6. Kerrina’s tower

This structure stands five stories high, literally towering over the rest of the village. Ivy crawls up the walls, almost completely covering the stonework. From the ground, we can see that the roof opens and there is a large scope, like a giant looking glass, pointed towards the heavens.

7. Bairwin’s grand emporium

A large wooden sign hangs heavily from the roof. It has large, gaudily painted letters on it which read Bairwin’s grand emporium. A tall, thin half-elf stands at the door. He’s smiling and beckons you over

8. Inn rooms

It is damaged, but some token effort has been made to repair itA damaged building, but a token effort has been made to make it inhabitable.

9. Frontiersmen guild headquarters

This two-story stone building is well repaired. A guild crest featuring a humanoid wildly riding a horse and carrying a banner sits above the door. The doors themselves are large, wooden and heavy.

Inside, the walls and floor are wooden. The main room is large, with a fireplace in the middle. Various halls lead off from here, and there is a staircase on the left.

10. The town temple

This is a well built affair. The stone building has been cleared of ivy for the most part, and the grounds are well tendered. It is unclear what deity the temple was originally built for, but a relief of the symbol of Erathis has been placed at the front door. There is a two story tower on the back of the building.

11. Inner gate.
12. Siege stocks

The building looks old and rundown. Not used at all.

13. Barracks

A well-tended building which serves as the meeting and training point for the government sponsored militia.

14. Manor

This large, stone manor stands proudly and well maintained. It is the home of Erevan, the lord of the area.

Important inhabitants


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