void crawlers

“Do not underestimate the voracity of these skittering nuisances. They have emptied more than one wizards tower with their insatiable appetite for destruction.” – Aralah, Wizard of the Spiral Tower

Void Crawler

Void Crawlers are beings of destructive chaos, lacking any ability to negotiate or compromise. Their exact origins are unknown, but what is known is that they push through into reality from without through holes left by unstable teleportations. Once in the material world, they wreak as much havok as possible until they are killed or banished.

Since they aren’t native to the material plane, their attacks are etherial in nature, bypassing armour and other common defences. Furthermore, their very forms are splintered in time and space, meaning that their attacks are often echoed afterwards by the same action, even though the crawler may have moved on or even been killed.

Created by esspkay

Void Crawler Tactics

Given their chaotic nature, Void Crawlers utilise little in the way of tactics. They attack the nearest thing until it dies, proves too powerful to kill or even it ceases to interest them. They are naturally drawn to others of their kind, however, and so single opponents often find themselves swarmed.

Void Crawler Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check.
  • DC 15: The creatures are not native to the material plane.
  • DC 20: The creatures are known as Void Crawlers, and enter into the material plane at the sites of ruptured or unstable teleportations.

void crawlers

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