Thoradin is a dwarf skilled in the arts of war. He served with Halgard’s armies before resisting their incresingly racist doctorines. Becoming an enemy of the state, Thoradin fought against those with whom he had once fought side-by-side. He eventually escaped Halgard on the ship Stormseye.


Thoradin always lent towards a military bent more keenly than the common dwarven desire for gold and wealth, and so working for the city guard and then subsequently the army in Halgaard was a natural fit. In the early days he went from strength to strength, his natural aptitude for command and marshal prowess landing him a modest measure of promotion reasonably swiftly. As time went by however, Thoradin was faced with more and more orders that conflicted with his keen sense of justice. The inner turmoil that resulted from holding duty as a near sacred value yet feeling dishonored by following orders that were clearly discriminatory and sometimes seemingly criminal was a trouble he could not resolve. Over time he grew more and more outspoken about his views of the army’s doings, and whilst battle brothers and immediate superiors were giving quiet warnings, the top brass was soon to take notice, and respond in a far less amicable fashion. Not only was this small-time officer stirring up the men, but as a dwarf was clearly untrustworthy and no doubt had other schemes cooking to destabilise man’s dominion over Halgaard.

As an otherwise model soldier Thoradin was not court-marshalled, but instead dishonorably discharged and had his home and possessions made forfeit to the state. Thoradin could forgive the corruption and victimisation he found within the military, nor the personal slight to his honour and like any dwarf marked his grudges well. As a result he holds a deep distrust for humans, most authority figures and all military institutions. Having fought alongside many humans during his time he recognises that not all of them are without honour and so bears the race no outright hatred, but will always assume the worst of them at first meeting. Thoradin worked as a mercenary for the following 10 or so years, in command of small groups and usually taking vigilante work. This showed him first hand once again the brutal and draconic state the land had fallen into, and once news of Caldera’s repopulation reached him he set out immediately, both to escape the current regime, and so that he could ensure the repopulated lands would not fall to the same evils.

Thoradin would likely be described as chaotic good, having a distaste for the laws of the land (human laws), but also an unshakable sense of morality. He holds many common dwarven beliefs in the highest regard, particularly loyalty and bravery, and will fight tenaciously to defend his friends and those who stand beside him in battle.

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