Perrin Pouchworthy

This dark-skinned halfling wears dirty, resilient clothing and carries a staff. He has a welcoming smile and seems to be in his mid-forties.

The halfling has been searching all of his life for one thing or another; it’s like a drug. Every time he finds something, it leads him on to his next journey. Not particularly combative, it has been a mixture of luck and caution that has kept him alive. For Perrin, the journey is the most important thing.

Our heroes first enountered Perrin when they were told that he may know where the fabled Hand of Agaman may be located; information he come across though his archaeological dig near Winterhaven.

He was a reluctant member of the Wrafton’s Inn resistance, little knowing that it was a sigil he carried that made his allies able to stave off the Ivory Queen’s influence, albeit for a short time.

Perrin Pouchworthy

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