New Cladera

Population: 1,600 of mixed races.

Government: Oloret Stoor oversees Caldera from his seat here. Beneath him are magistars, landlords, leaders of the magi and nobles. Caldera’s newest government is still in it’s infancy, and it’s true form has not yet been realised.

Defence: Around 100 fulltime soldiers work as both the guard and the military. At least two-hundred more can immediately be called on before reinforcements arrive from the elsewhere.

Inns: There are many inns in town holding many refugees as the housing situation is sorted out.

Taverns: The most notable are the Screaming Drake, a seedy little venture, the Brass Coin, a more respectable establishment, and the Stone Goblet, a place for those with wealth.

Supplies: Most anything can be bought here, though the city is in danger of running out of basic supplies like grain.

Temples Every deity is very well looked after here.

New Cladera

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