The civilised population of Caldera fled their lands some 1500 years ago. The exact reason for this has been lost; some say plague, others say war. Perhaps it was a mixture of many reasons. All that is certain is that the vast masses of humanity and their closest brethren (dwarves, tieflings, halfling, elves etc) fled East across the seas in a mad haste, coming to populate a string of small continents which came, collectively, to be known as Halgard.

It was here that the former citizens of Caldera first came into contact with the Dragonborn, Goliath, Shifter, Gnome and Eldarin races; the first three of whom had warred in the past. The arrival of, literally, tens of thousands of new mouths to feed rendered their conflict mute, however. It was only a few short centuries before mankind had established a firm footing in their new home, becoming the dominant species once more. They were committed to making a better future for themselves, and this is where the problems really began.

1450 years later, and much of the pristine wilderness that was Halgard before the arrival of the Calderans had been lost; replaced with large, ornate cities and huge tracks of farmland. This was a problem for the races who preferred untamed surrounds, many of whom had to take up scavenging in city streets for food. It got to a point where there were just not enough resources for everyone. Humans were by far the most numerous species, and it seemed plenty of them weren’t happy sharing.

The prejudice began with little things; increased taxes, removing rights to land ownership, that kind of thing. The response became heated, but this only fuelled the fires of growing mistrust and, eventually, battle lines were drawn. Much contention was made over who drew the first sword, but in the end it didn’t matter; civil war erupted. It seemed that everyone who wasn’t a human, dwarf or deva was considered an enemy of the state, as did those who aided them. Even dwarves and devas weren’t completely trusted. There were talks of mass killings of non-human men, women and children. The human war machine rolled on, and it seemed escape was the only option.

Thousands made for the coasts, hoping to somehow escape the escalating danger. They may have all been slaughtered had it not been for one human; a man named Oloret Stoor; a noble and appointed official of Port Jackson, the largest of Halgard’s many port cities. He sold all of his holdings and called in all of his favours, single handedly saving thousands of refugees. Many pirates and merchants, themselves eager to escape this new regime, made great profits spiriting thousands more escapees out of harms way. It was Stoor, however, who led them back to Caldera; the only land where he knew they would be safe; for a little time at least.


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