Not long after landing in Caldera, many groups left the safety of the refugee camps to strike out on their own in search of various things like gold, glory, or simply a new home. One such group which quickly rose to prominence is the Frontiersmen, led by Dorn Gular. They have mapped more of Caldera than any other group and have been instrumental in many outsourced fact-finding missions for the new Calderan government. They currently have their headqarters in Winterhaven.


To push the boundaries of geographic discovery and claim the trasures to be found there.


Small but widespread, with members peppered throughout the wilderness and manning the lodges in frontier towns.




Through exploration; discovery. Through discovery; knowledge. Through knowledge; power.


The Frontiersmen are currently headed by Dorn Gular, though unoffical leaders of individual guild halls are common.


The Frontiersmen currently have their headqarters in Winterhaven.

Membership requirements

There are no offical membership ceremonies or requirements, but you must be shown to be of tough stuff, and able to withstand the dangers of the wilderness, as well as a hard life if your fellow Frontiersmen find you wanting. You must, of course, relate any discoveries you make to the rest of the guild.


Currently pushing the boundaries whereever they may be found.


None known.


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