Ell is a tiefling rogue who enjoys the shinier things in life. She has little to no trust for even her closest allies, and will always seek out the path most profitable. She is skilled with a blade, and not unafraid to use it.


Ell grew up amongst various people; her parents were killed after being convicted of theft and various other crimes. Some of these accusations were accurate, and some were not. She left her home and the family name behind her, believing that people are out to get her because of her parent’s past misdeeds, though she is unsure as to why. As far as she knew, their crimes had been paid for.

She has continually travelled around, not sticking to any one place long enough to make friends or enemies. She finds it very hard to trust people and won’t think twice about stabbing them in the back if she feels they are going to cause her grief. She steals what she needs and the occasional bauble she merely wants. She will attempt to talk her way into or out any situation. She has a distinct loathing for the wealthy and will extort them at any given chance. She has tendencies to be greedy and has a thing for shiny objects. If asked and feeling communicative, Ell will tell you that she follows the guidance of Sehanine.

Notable accomplishments


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