Captain Blaggard

Captain Carmine Blaggard was a human pirate of some renown. Books of his exploits are read by many youths and even plays detailing his adventures are performed from time to time. Those who do not see him as a romantic figure, however, see him as a dark stain on the seas; a scurvy-ridden sea-dog who takes what he likes and leaves nothing but destruction in his wake.

He personally captained the ship the Ghostly Stallion, but had two other ships under his command; the Stormseye and the Silent Harpy.

He employed his ships in aiding the refugees of Halgard escape persecution; however, the Stormseye Insurgents discovered that he was only helping them so that he could sell them as slaves at the Umbra Isles.

After he was discovered, he offered to cut the insurgents in on the profit he was set to make. They declined, instead freeing the hag he had captured to aid in their fight against him. With the hag free, he was defeated easily and, from all reports, suffered for a great length of time under the hag’s torturous designs. Whether he was killed after that experience or what became of him otherwise is not known.

Notable appearances

  • [[session-3-better-the-devil-you-know]] – first appearance
  • [[session-4-journeys-end]] – defeat

Captain Blaggard

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