Caldera – the ancient home of the humans, dwarves, elves, tieflings and halflings of Halgard. A land all but forgotten by most, and written off as fantasy by more still. What was lost, however, has since become a beacon of hope and the promise of prosperity to come.

The Great Exodus

No one knows why most of the sentient races of Caldera left all they had behind and fled east. Indeed, many were beginning to believe that it never actually happened! Those that know better, however, are still no closer as to pinpointing the reason for their ancestors actions. A war with some greater enemy, perhaps? A plague of epic proportions maybe? Official records of the reason, if they ever existed, have been lost, and the spoken tales of such things have to contend with generations of fanciful exagerations and half-truths.


Most who indulge in such talk generally agree that Caldera was a great kingdom, though the specifics of what this means varies from speaker to speaker. Some tell stories of large armadas and legions of soldiers, others emphasise cultural pursuits and vast libraries soaked in arcane knowledge. Many muse on the following subjects:
  • Will the cities still stand?
  • Did some segments of the sentient races stay behind?
  • If so, what has become of them?
  • Is the reason for the Great Exodus still apparent?
  • Is Caldera where we believe it is?

Such talk, however, is relatively meaningless. Though scholars, bards and playwrights have dwelled on the much romanticised homeland of many of Halgard’s residents, until the landmass is revisted, no one will know for sure.


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