Little is known about the hag first encountered by the Stormseye Insurgents on the Ghostly Stallion. She was discovered in a circle of binding which was, apparently, being maintained by the man known as Crabseye. She spoke to the insurgents in their dreams, initially, prevailing on them to come to her aid in the guise of a beautiful human.

When they finally reached her, however, things didn’t quite add together and they refused to help her without some information first. She became enraged and her true form was revealed. After the Captain of the Ghostly Stallion’s plans were revealed, they decided to try and free the hag to aid them against her pirate captors.

A pitched battle ensued, but finally the hag was released! She wasted no time in laying siege to the pirates, especially Blaggard himself. Afterwards, she sent the insurgents, the remaining pirates and the passengers to sleep. They all dreamed of Blaggard’s terrible and prolonged torture until, finally, they awoke on the shores of Caldera.

Link with Oranna

After the ships landed at Caldera, the hag appeared before Oranna alone. She said that she had recognised the Eldarin from somewhere, and finally remembered where. She gave the wizard her finger, which she pulled from her own hand, and told Oranna that she’d be back to claim it one day. With that she disappeared and has not been heard from since.


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