Also called the City of Pious Souls, Atredia immediately attracted the religious to it as it’s marvellous marble temples and structures gave them a ready base to once again serve their chosen deities. Thus far, the city has prospered, and has become an exemplary beacon of light for much of the rest of Caldera.

Population: 1,200 of mixed races.

Government: A council made up of the head of each major temple in the city.

Defence: Around fifty fulltime soldiers work as both the guard and the military. At least one-hundred more can immediately be called on before reinforcements arrive from the elswhere.

Inns: There are no inns in town; instead visitors are encouraged to visit the temples of their chosen deities and find rest there.

Taverns: The temples to Corellon, Avandra and Sehanine all have alehouses attatched to them.

Supplies: God’s bounty s the main trading house in the city.

Temples Every deity is very well looked after here.


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